How To Protect Yourself From Diseases… Even if You Have No Control Over The Environment!

The Nitty Gritty Details

What Made Me Come Up With This Book?

Staring down the window in my apartment during this Covid 19 lockdown period, I kept thinking about how much of a loss we are suffering during this testing time…… Our forefathers didn’t have as much money or technology as us, but their average lifespan was much higher than us and most importantly, they lived a HAPPIER life….. In spite of tremendous growth in technology and inventions, where have we gone WRONG? Some might argue that I am being negative, I would like to label myself a realist, if everything was functioning well in the human ecosystem, we would not be locked down by the Coronavirus. That brought me to the next question, what did our ancestors do right which we have not been doing?

In A Nutshell...
  People 100 years ago People today
Diet Fruits and vegetables 👍 Fast food 👎
Exercise Walking, regular exercises 👍 Minimal workouts due to time constrictions 👎
Modern technology Almost not existent (heavy reliability on humans physical attributes) 👍 Better and faster communication and travels (machine does almost 70% of human work) 👎
Connection with natural  world Highly connected 👍 Disconnected 👎
Social isolation Non existent 👍 Highly practiced👎
Sleep Sufficient 👍 Deprived 👎

That made me think again, from where we are now,

Its impossible to go backwards in terms of technology, Its extremely difficult to change lifestyle because everyone is on it, We are constantly going to struggle to find time to work out,

Eating habits cannot be immediately fixed due to what’s being served in most restaurants and food chains, Social isolation is bound to happen as internet is by default the natural obsession, Sleep will always be deprived as we all run a rat race.

That made me ponder…..


After having a constant inner conflict on how to approach problem, I sort of came to my senses very recently.

Here is the truth, due to limitations, WE CANT FIX the problem…..

So whats the next best thing?

DAMAGE CONTROL – And that’s what this book exactly is….

The most practical tips  and guides practised by our ancestors, still applicable to our lifestyle TODAY!

Here is an example of a SECRET listed in the book;

Secret #9 - Benefits of gargling with Gingelly Oil


  • Clean tongue and teeth early in the morning
  • Put a table spoon of gingelly oil into mouth
  • Rinse teeth, the gingelly oil SHOULD NOT BE SWALLOWED
  • Agitate the oil, as it passes through the teeth gaps
  • Rinse entire mouth and spit out the oil
  • Then rinse the mouth with warm water


  • Prevent diseases
  • Cure ailments present in the body
  • The organs of sense, eye, nose, mouth and ears gets rejuvenated
  • Face gets a radiant look
  • Sharper taste buds, stronger teeth and larynx
Did you know?

Our ancestors followed this practice, so even in their advanced years, they escaped the ravages of old age

Who is this book for?

Individuals  :

🌭 Practicing modern ways of living with high intake of fast foods

🤦🏻‍♂️ Bogged down by the lack of physical activities

📱 Using techno devices with radiation  exposure

👩🏻‍💻 Living a sedentary lifestyle sitting long hours in front of the computer

⚙️ Often depending on high technology machines and transportation mediums

The Most Astonishing Part

Our ancestors living techniques were all scientifically correct! This book not only contains living techniques and habits of our ancestors but also provides scientific explanation on how the techniques ENRICH YOUR LIFE

Here is a preview on the list of secrets:

✅ Guidelines for drinking water during meals
✅ Benefits of having meals with wet legs
✅ Benefits of walking 100 steps after meals
✅ Benefits of using Silk materials
✅ How emotional disturbance causes indigestion
✅ Benefits of dining in a pleasant environment
✅ Food that should be avoided
✅ Methods of purifying unclean water
✅ Who should exercise and for how long
✅ Suitable pots for cooking
AND many, many MORE……….

More often than not the simplest of techniques are the ones which are the most neglected ones……

AND most importantly Live a PAIN-FREE LIFE

If you are still wondering………

There are tonnes of books out there on health, why this book?
That’s a very good question….

I have no doubts there are many insightful books out there written on health….
Being a strong believer on a book is only as effective as the value extracted
I see NO purpose in someone JUST READING this book
This book is written in a way for you to EMBODY the health secrets in your life

What will you discover?

This book helps you to
✅ Escape tyranny of death and disease
✅ Transit from running a rat race in life to slowly pace your life out well
✅ Perform your duties without hindrance and obstruction
✅ Reduce cost spent on medicines and treatments

What are people out there saying?


”You are what you eat, how you eat, when you eat, this book depicts it perfectly”

“This book is really short but yet well written and important points were brought out. This book has covered areas of medicine such as, the history of herbal medicine, how modern medicine started, the founder of the medicine, who was first to discover vaccine, antibiotics and so much more. I’m satisfied with the book.”

“Short and crisp, the best part was the conclusion. It was so heartfelt, feel proud to be in this profession.”

My Personal Guarantee To You

My Personal Guarantee To You

If you don’t happen to find the secrets listed in the book valuable to you, contact us at within 7 days for a prompt and corteous refund.

With the money back guarantee , you have nothing to lose, only  leaps and bounds of health progression to gain if you opt in to purchase “A forgotten treasure – 96 ancient secrets of living a disease free life “





Dr V M Jayapalan

Autobiography of the Author

Dr V M Jayapalan has over 40 years of expertise in finding natural cure for diseases, which includes:

  • Masters in Naturotheraphy
  • Siddha Medical Expertise
  • Gold medal and multiple awards on his research on medical breakthrough in treating breast cancer
  • Formulative success in treating patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis conditions
  • Extensive research on the Siddha Gynecology “Successful Fertility Programme”
  • Finding cure for 64 most complicated types of Migraine and Hypertension via Naturopathy & Medicine
  • Currently, he has established the Universal Traditional Medical Research Centre in Bangalore

“Sieving through ancient wisdom left behind by our forefathers, the compilation of 96 secrets of living a disease free life was my efforts for the past 5 years. At this point of time, almost everyone has an ear to lend, when it comes to the infectious disease prevention topic. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” 

Dr. V M Jayapalan