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About Us


The whole chain of sequence on how Era Herbs company came about still remains a mystical occurrence till to date. This is how it all started……

Back in 2014, during my morning stroll, I happened to bump into an old, ragged clothed, long grey haired guy, disheveled in short… To my surprise, he called me by my first name, that one barely knows, in exception to my close family members. It was a dream in a reality moment for me….

Already in a state of disbelief, (Mr Mystique..lets call him that for now) puzzled me even more by communicating well in English. He told me this “The world is suffering because the base is not clean. People have neglected their health and walked in the wrong direction, use these ancient wisdom that I am going to impart in you to pull them back into the right direction." He stated that the human body has two brains, one the head and the other the belly. The belly brain is vital for well-being, failing which humans will be susceptible to forms of diseases. He concluded by saying “To upkeep health and live a pain free life, there are 9 types of herbs that is required to be consumed by mankind on a daily basis”.

The 9 ingredients he mentioned sounded like Gibberish to me, have never once heard it before. For the next few weeks, a few thoughts kept lingering in my mind. Questions like why me (I am not from a medical background)? Is this for real? What would people's reaction around me be? I decided to go with my instinct and hired Sahasrayogam Softgel (FDA certified medicinal company) to research on the ingredients given by Mr.Mystique.… After researching, the scientists were very impressed by the depth of the combination of herbs, that they kept asking me on how I got the formula… What can I say, I mean really, what can I say? After almost 6 years of extensive research now we have the first completed product in hand - holistic cure for constipation and gastrointestinal disease. I strongly believe, multiple combinations of these herbs will become ground breaking solutions for ailments and diseases, making huge waves in the medicinal world, thanks to Mr.Mystique…...


Medicinal Products
We create our products with the intention of solving your health issues
Direct Manufacturing Partner
Sahasrayogam Softgel has 30 year of experience in the medical industry - to their credit
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We aim to constantly upkeep the quality of our products to your utmost satisfaction
Quality Assessment
Our R&D Team is always experimenting newer formulas for the betterment of our products

“Challenges Are What Makes Life Interesting; Overcoming Them Is What Makes Life Meaningful”


– My Grandma


Different people fight different battles in life, I have chosen to fight this battle of relieving pain and sickness amongst people. My biggest hurdle was channeling budget into the R&D portion of the business. Being a sole proprietor, not leveraged like the giant companies, 6 solid years of monies flowing out without tangible returns in most people dictionary is NOT AT ALL a lucrative ROI. What I had in my mind was beyond the ROI, it was the true calling which drove me through the tough times. Today, there is a tangible product in hand, it’s easy to be motivated, but when I only had a dream, there were many times I wanted to pull the plug, honestly…...

Another giant hurdle was getting the approvals and certifications. Being an infant in the medical industry, I had to learn the ropes & nuances required to fulfill industry standards and requirements. The route of communication with the scientists, medical authorities and practitioners was an ambiguous loop because I had trouble understanding the lingo and jargons used in the industry. I had to literally knock my head on the wall multiple times to get clarity over the years….

∼  Ravindran Arnasalam